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Saturday, November 24, 2012

So, What Day Is This?

So confused. Thanksgiving Day felt like Sunday. Black Friday felt like a Sunday. Today is Saturday, I think! My days are all messed up.

Thanksgiving was a very pleasant day. Two families to be with....and it worked well. My family got together later in the afternoon. So pleasant, good food, good company, not too much drama.....just very nice.

Black Friday was most wonderful. Home, sweet, home. After Thursday being gone all day, 60 degrees and sunny, Friday was the opposite. Stayed in all day, the winds kicked up wickedly and the snow blew in. Plus it was only in the 30’s and the windchill made it ugly. So, what to do?

Craft, read, bake, nap, get lost in my iPad , craft some more. Oh and eat leftovers and snuggle with my husband all day! Life is good.

Highly recommended by several different people

New scarf for me.....just plain off white - wool - warm

Words with Friends - playing multiple games with niece, brother and Mom (yes my 92 yr old mother has an iPad)

So, in a nutshell, Black Friday was a perfect day.  Looking forward to the weekend now to kick back some  more.  Maybe, I'll think about the Christmas tree.  After three years with not putting one up, I'm giving it a whirl this year!  How about that!  Maybe, just maybe, that will encourage my husband to buy me something so the tree isn't so bare underneath!

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  1. Let's play a WWF game using only holiday, Christmas, Hannakuh words . . . is that possible?

    Happy your day of being home was warm, cuddly and cozy . . .