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Friday, November 9, 2012


My good friend June.....the lady I met in Cocoa Beach last winter.....instant friends.  She lives in New Jersey and we have stayed in touch.  She lives in one of the hardest hit areas in New Jersey where Sandy visited.

I spoke with June of Facetime earlier this week.  She was so happy to see my face!  I couldn't help but think of her constantly, knowing her neighborhood was at the height of destruction.

She knows very little about her home.  She's been with her sister in Pennsylvania since Sandy hit.  Of course, she was evacuated.  She has not been allowed back into her neighborhood.  Today is the day!  She will be allowed to go in and inspect her home, get personal belongings and back out again. Her understanding is the whole natural gas structure must be rebuilt.  She's thinking it may be 4-6 months until she can return home.

I can't imagine the waiting and wondering she has been experiencing.  She left with a few things to get by for a day or two....that was it.  Now she must go in and assess/observe the damage, clean out her refrigerator (her sense of humor remains, she didn't think her portabello risotto in the refrigerator would be any good), and choose what she needs to take with her for the months ahead.

I will be thinking of her she enters her home, her once "safe haven", her place of memories, her life......and how difficult it must be for her.

These are some images she sent me of her neighborhood. A neighbor, the cop, was able to get these.

Please keep my friend June in your prayers, as well as all the other victims of Hurricane Sandy.  We are so blessed!


  1. So devastating. There was a piece on Brian Williams's Show at ten last night and it was heartbreaking!

    Thoughtful Barbie to do this . . . you brought a bit of cheer to June as she grieves her loss. I truly can't imagine . . .

  2. Please keep us posted, Barb. It is always heartwarming to see the circle of support in action via the internet. While I am here I wanted to tell you I have never seen anyone embrace retirement the way you have. With your civic involvement, classes, projects, blog and family involvement this site is always a whirlwind of activity. Joyous day!

  3. It's shocking to see the images. Boats in the road and that sand...I can only imagine how awful it is. I hope your friend can salvage some of her things.

    My brother and girlfriend are here from NJ and NY this weekend. They both felt they needed to get out of town for the weekend after an awful 2 weeks.

  4. It is so so sad.

    Thinking of all those affected.

    Take care Barb

    Fiona x