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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Real Treat!

You all have heard of my friend, Lynne by now (  She is so thoughtful and so delightful.

She asked me a few weeks ago if I would like to join her for an evening out.  She invited me to a class for making a fresh Christmas wreath. 

This past week was the class.  It was held at Montague Tree Farms. (No snow yet, this is their stock image!)
It was out on a dark, quiet backroad.  The class was held in this barn.  It was a real production they had going there.  We were given a wire frame with prongs all around it.  They had bins of fresh greens.  We gathered our greens into bunches and then placed them between the prongs on the wreath and put them in this little "gizmo" and pressed on a pedal and the "gizmo" bent the prongs down around the stems of the greens.  It was so cool.  Wish I had one at home!

They provided pinecones too and the bow.  I brought a few berries and twigs from home.  It was such a fun night out.  I think my wreath turned out great!  What do you think?
Thank you Lynne for a delightful evening out!


  1. Your welcome! A new tradition has been born . . . I have a post ready to go too!

    Your wreath looks wonderful, is that the same bow?

  2. Hey Barb ~ I think your wreath looks superb! Glad you enjoyed a girls night out with Lynne. Are you decorating for winter now before Thanksgiving? I see a little bit of orange through your window. This week is going too fast. I’m going to miss my oranges and golds. My kids always say it looks like Queen Victoria um, was ill when I get through decorating for Christmas. Lots of white lace and red velvet, lots of old vintage toy store things ~ even a village with a train. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Peace.