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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Closed but Open

I took a walk on Sunday.

It was 65 degrees outside and absolutely beautiful for November 11th in Michigan.

I went to the State Park two miles from home.
It's closed; but open to those who dare pass these gates.....on foot.

I like the Ridgeview Trail, mainly because I know the way.

Just an FYI

So much beauty along the way.

And there are a few benches here and there; I like to stop and sit.....not because I'm winded or tired

but to take in the beauty of the surroundings and pause......think.......ponder


Lots of leaves to rustle through.

The campground empty....ready for winter snow.

A peaceful walk in nature.  Only a few miles from home.

If you dare to pass through the closed gate.

Lake Michigan bringing in the COLD temperatures...high 42 tomorrow with snow flurries.


  1. Very nice Barbie . . . I liked the "I believe . . ."

  2. glad you dared . . . thanks!!

  3. beautiful Barb. It's great that you have someplace so close to home to get away from it all. Just be careful my friend...I loved the quote on the bench, what a beautiful way to remember Grammy! Love, Penny

  4. Your photography is so amazing. What a great place to get away!