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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Say Yes to The Dress

Maggie and I went to Kalamazoo on Saturday wedding dress shopping.  My niece Jessie is getting married in August and she invited us to shop for a dress with her.  She's so sweet.

It was an all day affair.  First to David's Bridal, lunch break, then to Memories Bridal Shop and then dinner and a few toddies at Jessies apartment and the drive back home.  We ladies were pooped!

Of course, I will not show the actual dress she picked.  Here are a few snaps from the day.

(L to R:) Groom's Mom, Bestie, Auntie, Bride, Bride's Mom

Kim (BFF) and Jessie
Dresses Galore!

Ballerina - Not so much!

Bunched and wrapped

Rose Garden train
Vintage Like
Bridal Veil

Yes, in the end I found my dress!
Now, how do we pay for it?????
And we came home to this
Thanks Jessie for asking us share in your fun day!


  1. ahhh . . . another wonderful day . . . she is a beautiful girl . . . I loved the shot when she finally found the dress!

  2. Thanks for coming Barb! So glad you guys could be there!

  3. Great pics, what a nice post! Made me smile and thankful for such a special day with my favorite ladies!

  4. What fun for you to be with Jessie . . . she is so pretty . . . I can't wait to see what she picked. Lovely I am sure . . .

    And JoJo . . . adorable!