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Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Beautiful Walk

So, this time I tag along with Maggie, Don and the dogs.  We enter Hoffmaster State Park and the rangers are out front at the gates and a sign is posted "Special Hunt in Progress."  The rangers say we are entering at our own risk as hunters are hunting deer this weekend.  My immediate response, " oh, let's not walk."  Don says - oh we will be fine....we will go down by the beach.  I'm still pretty skeptical.  Simon could easily be mistaken for a deer.  He and his white tail.  Again, Don says we will be fine.

So.....down the walkway we go.  I'm so happy we did.

Dah. that's a log, not a stick Don!
Simon is so far out.  The farther the throw, the better.  He LOVES it.

That's better!

Beautiful sky!  54 degrees

Simon and his Mama playing

Don, Maggie and Cooper

A family picture! Don, Maggie, Cooper and Simon

How cute is our Mini Cooper
Check out the erosion along the shoreline.  This is a good one foot drop.

Made it back, no one shot!
It's suppose to be 50's most of the week.  Yee-ha!


  1. Really nice photos . . . it looks like a very pleasant day. I love seeing Simon and Cooper together. Great photo of "the family."

  2. I love watching dos play in the water. What a cute pair.