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Friday, November 2, 2012


I see something I think is cute and I just have to try it out.

I found these on a the PURL blog the other day so....of course, just whip a few out.

They are fun to make - just need to add a pin to the back.  I'm going to make more - easy and fun.
I'll give them away to every one I know...a little tree for your winter coat.

I'm almost done with a pair of half mittens....fingerless mitts - whatever you want to call them.  Knitting up the last few rows on the second one of the pair.  I'll take a picture and share that one also.

Have a great weekend everyone!  We'll be snugglin' .....low tonight is 28 degrees!


  1. Hi Barb,They are very cute. Don't you love hand stitching? It's so relaxing, and I love a small project that's quickly finished. Have a cozy weekend. Love, Penny

  2. Hey there Little Miss Crafty . . . very cute! Did you do leaves today inbetween your crafty projects?