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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chicago Part II

Sunday, my brother and I chose to embrace our Polish heritage and attended Mass at St. Hyacinth's Basilica. We attended the 9 a.m.Mass which was in Polish.

The church was designed by the architectural firm of Worthmann and Steinbach who built many of the magnificent Polish Cathedrals in Chicago. The church structure—a red-brick edifice in the Classical Revival style has an ornate interior of Baroque influence. The first Mass was celebrated in the structure in 1921.

It was so impressive. Not only the beauty of the church, but experiencing the Polish culture and the fluency of the young children with the polish language. What really was amazing was I picked up a church bulletin on my way out of church. I read it after I was home. It was noted in the bulletin that October 6 is the Feast of St. Bruno. My dad's name was Bruno...he was indeed a Polish catholic man. He was definitely smiling down on us.

Following Mass, we went to Bucktown for breakfast. TOAST was the recommended spot.

Pancake Orgy



Dog Friendly Neighborhood

We said goodbye to our little munchkin and headed back home to reality.

Thanks Jackie and JoJo for hanging with us! Can't wait to come visit again!

Thank you to Kim for the recommendation of the church and restaurant.



  1. Goose Bumps . . . Bruno seemed not so far away . . .

  2. The Church looks very much like the Church I was baptized in St Mary of the Angels. It was built by Polish immigrants too. Love that your dear Dad was looking down with pride. Did you wait very long to get into Toast? Everytime we pass by there is a line.
    Sweet visit, especially that JoJo. Love, Penny