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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Structures

We went out for a drive today to photograph a few winter scenes.
Brave fisherman out on the ice in their ice shanties

The Lighthouse with Icebergs on the background
No takers for the picnic table or park benches

Ice covered pier
Waves hitting against the icebergs
More icebergs

No grilling

My umbrella girl in our front yard wrapped in a shawl made of snow.

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of our winter wonderland!


  1. What nice photos! Love the Umbrella Girl's "winter umbrella."

  2. You umbrella girl with her shawl is adorable. What a lovely drive you had by the shore. The campsite looks forlorn waiting under cover of snow for visitors. It’s so beautiful there I imagine it’s teeming with people in more agreeable weather. Great shots, Barb. Nice to see you at NWW.

  3. That looks so cold, and I have to admit icebergs are not something we see on everyone's blog. Where do you live?

    Thanks so much for linking up with No Winter Whining, it's fun to see the amazing shots of your icebergs, and lighthouse.

    Let me know if it's OK to post some of the images with a link back to your blog.


  4. Love Umbrella Girl . . . Perfect the way the snow wrapped around her.

    Brrr, the big lake looks very chilly!

    Nice post Barbie . . .

  5. I hope that snow doesn't drop onto her little head. She is very cute. It looks very, very cold where you are...but I'm not whining.

  6. Dear Barb, You girls on the other side of the Lake have me in snow envy. It's so beautiful...thanks for sharing! Love, Penny