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Friday, January 18, 2013


Yesterday's birthday celebration was wonderful.  The day was filled with visiting, food, friends, family and laughter.

Lynne and I went out to lunch.  Sorry forgot the camera!  Maggie prepared dinner and Phil, my brother, made a fabulous German Chocolate Birthday Cake.

Received many good wishes and a few lovely gifts.
Lovely clay tag Lynne crafated, bottom left:  Bavarian heart dish with chocolates, my mom gifted me with her wedding rings, cookie scoop, new ipad cover, and many cards.
My mother and me

My darling husband

The Cake (and me with my head cropped off!)
Thank you all for the birthday gifts, cards, food and wishes!


  1. What a wonderful birthday you had. Lynne says you have a dusting of snow. Stay warm.

  2. Happy Birthday. Glad you were able to spend it with friends and loved ones.

  3. Happy for your HAPPY . . . how was the new recipe? Loved your photos, especially the one of you and your mom! . . . (you and Richard too)