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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Weekend Fun

The weather forecasters have been so wrong this summer but for this weekend, they were right on target!
Rain, wind, and cold!  But that didn't stop us from taking Leila out for the Harvest Fest at our local state park.  The park was near full.

Friday was a nice day...sunny, crisp and fun.  Lots of kids, I mean LOTS of kids, running, playing, riding bikes etc.  They had organized activities for them.  Friday night was a scavenger hunt.  We could only help out with a wooden matchstick and a bar of hotel soap.

Richard and I rode our bikes around all the loops in the campground and then went on foot after dark to see all the fun sites.
This freak was shaking all over....I thought for sure he was real.

Then the rain came during the night on Friday.  Rained all day on Saturday, quite a few people pulled out but we left Leila at the campground and came home then went back for trick or treating.
Bought 700 pieces

Blues Brothers

This Witch was wandering...she wouldn't take any candy, just pointed to her mug!
Cutest little cowboy
This little mouse had a twin sister...couldn't get her in the picture, they were precious.
Leila had the best time.  She had so many compliments.  One little boy asked if he could buy her.  I said, sorry, he said PPLLEEEZEE!  Many people liked the bats too.  She was the only one donning them...they were a hit.
We're definitely "in" for next year.  The trick or treaters were many but not 700 pieces worth.  If the weather had cooperated I can't imagine how mobbed we would of been with ghosts and goblins.  What a fun event!


  1. Looks like you had a fun time! Are you home now and Lila too?

  2. You and Richie need costumes for next year! After all, Leila was dressed up and looking good!

  3. You and Richie need costumes for next year. After all, Leila was dressed up (and lookin' good)' you should too!