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Sunday, October 7, 2012


1. We've been in our house for 12 years now. Really want to do a few things. kitchen, new dining room table, new living room furniture, would love hard wood floors in living room.
2. Want to go camping again before winter. I adore my camper.
3. Really would like to take my Mom down to Florida for a visit.
4. I have got to get my craft room organized. It's embarrassing.
5. I dread the thought of the holidays just around the corner.
6. I am so happy I'm not working.
7. I want to stay home more.
8. I need to read more books.
9. My laundry room just can't stay neat and's a dumping ground.
10. I'm really enjoying my embroidery classes. I like intricate work. I like handwork.
11. I don't think quilting is my thing.
12. I wish I was more informed on the Proposals for the upcoming elections.
13. I should get a new pair of winter boots. Mine are dated.
14. The fall colors are at peak this weekend.
15. It's time to start raking real soon.
16. organized clutter is still clutter....i.e.clutter in containers/bins is simply hidden clutter.
17. I dislike darkness at 7pm..I feel like getting my jammies on and going to bed.
18. Had reasons to celebrate this engagement, a new job, and a birthday...all in the family.
19. Getting my haircut this week. It's so thick and poufy.
20. May try cooking a flank steak..suppose to be good. Got a good recipe for one that is marinated.
Just some random thoughts.


  1. This was sooo funny. Helps to get it written down, doesn't it? Some how it all manages to get done and sometimes we get the wood floors and new furniture too!

  2. Also in the family: Your nephew Drew flew his first solo on Sunday!