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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Harvest Fest Excitement!

We are taking Lila Jane camping this weekend. On a whim, we went out to the state park two miles from home. They are celebrating their Harvest Fest this weekend. It is a very popular annual event.  All 293 campsites are taken, they were six months ago. (They sell out in I understand.). It just so happened that when we were inside begging for inquiring as to if they had a cancellation, lo' and behold a woman was in there at the same time changing hers around and dropped one of her sites. SCORE! We are site 203.  Ding, ding, ding!

We must get busy. Buy candy for over 500 they tell us. All sites are decorated, costumes worn and lots of good fun!

I must be careful with how I decorate Lila. She mustn't be too scary!  Any ideas anyone, I have minimal stuff on hand so I have to go shopping and get creative.
I'll be telling you all about it...promise.

If we had time, we could do this darling little guy!


  1. I have purple and orange lights you could borrow, plus a skeleton strand too. Too scary for Lila? Check with me before you buy? Can we drive through to see the excitement?

  2. She could be a bath puff. I have instructions on my sidebar. It sounds like a very fun event....

  3. Hi Barb, Go old school. Look for vintage Halloween graphics on the web and put those in the window. Carve a jack o lantern...get some good old fashioned treats like tootsie roll pops...stay with a vintage vibe...Indian corn, corn stalks...Have fun, sounds like a great time. Love, Penny