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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage Camper Update

She's adorable.

Remember she was a little homely.

We gave her some fresh paint, new sidelights, freshened aluminum around windows, etc.

I'm onto the window treatments now. Here is a sneak peek.

We pulled her outside yesterday and I sat inside and did some computing and knitting. It was great taking in the sunshine and spending time with my LilaJane!

I'll keep you posted on more progress.  Won't be long and she'll be going out for a trial outing.


  1. LilaJane looks fabulous . . . I an excited to see the finished inside and hear about your first trek . . . .

  2. I can just see Richie in there wearing his waders - after fishing!!!!

  3. She's a beaut! Love the color and the curtains. You can run away from home, right to the driveway! Love, penny

  4. I love the paint job! My Gladys Belle, a 1956 Star, is due shortly.. How did you paint her outside? With a sprayer?

  5. beautiful ..
    i pinned your curtains picture and the bedding picture. inspiration to be sure!

  6. Wow, I have just found your blog and I love love your caravan! I spend my days doing up old caravans and selling them on, I love seeing what other people do with theirs
    Sharon xx

  7. You did a lovely job, Barb! Now she looks more charming than ever. Oh, I suddenly remember my mom’s trailer. She had a 1960 mobile home that we used for tea time when I was a kid. Aah, it’s really nostalgic!