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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I was dusting today and picked up this picture. I truly cherish this photograph of my Mom and all of her children, my siblings that is.

It was taken a few years ago at my niece's wedding. I believe my Dad had passed away a year earlier.

Our family is precious to me. We love my Mom and we all hold her close to our hearts. Every day she is still with us is cherished.   She is the neatest lady ever. This particular evening, she was out on the dance floor with her grandchildren living it up. What a sweet memory!

Left to right: Ginny, Maggie, Mother, me, Mike and Phil.  Seeing this picture today just warmed my heart!

By the way, talking about warm....just the opposite is happening outside as I type.  It's snowing!  Sorry Mike.
Mike arrives here tomorrow from Orlando for a long weekend!

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