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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Third Attempt to Post Today

I was out in the camper posting from my iPad and Blogpress was having trouble uploading my photos.

I painted the interior of Lila Jane today.  All the walls, closet and cupboard and trim is done.  Dove White.  It really looks good.  Took a break, had a large iced coffee in the camper and then scrubbed the floor.

Richie hung the towel rack and a curtain rod.  Things are really taking shape.  Time to complete the curtain making.  Twas a great day today....lots of accomplishments on Lila!
 More later!


  1. It is looking so great Barbie! What fun you and Lila Jane and Richie will have! Pretty special what he has done . . . FOR YOU!

  2. Oh Barb, You are working so hard and the results are beautiful! Love the vintage milk bottle with flowers, even while you're still working...Love, Penny

  3. So glad you have something to look forward to with your gorgeous "second home". I haven't seen one like this in ages.
    Thinking of you !!!

    1. I love the white bead board paneling! So fresh and clean. I just told my husband that if we ever decide to tear ours down to the insulation, this would be so pretty!

  4. I just purchased a 1965 Forester, really have a hard time getting blog set up but would love to connect. I am just learning, doing it myself with an occasional extra hand from my niece. I know my blog ( is a mess but just started posting because I have much more questions than answers and hoping to find people like you to share experience with restoration. Glad to find you