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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Week in Review

Time flies.  I received gentle reminders from followers that I haven't updated my blog in a few days.   I guess that is a good thing in that people read it!

As you know, the hubby left me for a few days to deer hunt.  As usual, he came home empty handed.  That's the good part. 

I accomplished quite a bit while he was gone.  I cleaned all the kitchen cupboards and threw lots out.  I got my spices in alpha order....I love when I do's such a feeling of organization!

Met niece Jessie in Grand Haven for a glass of wine,  dinner and conversation.  We had a very nice visit and we were able to catch up with one another.  I had a first hand JoJo report as she visited her this past weekend.
 Let's see, I cleaned the master bath from ceiling to floor and wall to wall.  Even got in the corners with a qtip.  That's good for the winter......(of course, weekly cleaning but deep cleaning has to be spring now).

I did some crafting.....I see an idea on the web and just got to do it.  How's this cute little number?
It's just a little lined travel, phone chargers, camera chargers, camera, whatever you want it to be.  I have so much fabric and have so many combinations I could use.  If anyone would like the pattern, just give me a shout.  It's so fun and easy!

Crafted with Lynne yesterday!  She is making sweater pillows for a group of her friends for Christmas.  We cut, and sewed, and handsewed, and knitted flowers for embellishment.  It was great.  Had a fabulous cosmopolitan along the way also.  It was a warm, fuzzy feeling.....just laughing, talking, crafting, and having a great time with a friend.  The way it should be~

Coffee and donuts this morning at Mother's!  Visit with another friend, Dawn and here I am.
Time to think about Thanksgiving next week.  But first, I have two classes - one Monday and one Tuesday.
One at the knit shop and one at JoAnn's.  Can't wait.  In between my busy-ness, I'll work on Thanksgiving prep.

So there you have it.  That's what I've been up too.  Hope you all are making your preparations for Turkey Day.

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