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Thursday, November 10, 2011


This was a new adventure for me. Always on the lookout for expanding my horizons!

Recently I read an article in our local newspaper regarding the public library and the availability of ebooks. I went and checked on it as I couldn't quite figure out how to access on the libary website.

The reference desk gal was so helpful and walked me through the process. I came home and accessed the site. WOW! It's awesome. So many book titles out there at my fingertips. It's amazing I can get a book into my iPad on loan. Of course, I had to test the waters. The book I chose was The Minette Bakery. It was out on loan so I placed a hold on it. As promised, I received an email letting me know my book was now available.

It worked..simply entered my library card number and Viola....I received the book. I will have it for two weeks and the Gods of Cyberspace come and take it back to the library for me.

I encourage you to check your local library for ebooks....its a neat way to get the latest titles and for free! Have fun with it! Please let me know if you use this service and how you like it. Any tips?



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  1. This is something I really need to learn how to do. Thanks for the prompt. Oh..and...good job!!