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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Say Hello to newest family addition

My husband came home from his deerhunting weekend with this baby!  What a surprise it was.  Her name is Rosemary.  I have wanted a "Canned Ham" for sometime now. 

Rosemary is going to be our winter project.  She is being moved inside the garage soon.  Richie's garage is heated so we can work on her during the winter months.  She will be ready for "Glamping" in the spring.
Lots of work to do....Richie some woodworking inside and checking electrical and gaslines and all that...painting the outside.  Me....the fun part.  Cute-ifying the inside.  Picking out colors...fabric for cushions and making curtains.  I'm making her all girly!

I'm so excited!  What a dear my husband is.....surprising me like that!
I promise I'll keep you updated on the progress!


  1. Holy Smokes! You got your canned ham!!! Oh boy, I can hear your wheels turning...the fun you are going to have! There is always a place on our driveway for when you come to visit! That Richard is a keeper! Love, Penny PS...I'm watching Kris' flight on the flight tracker...she'll be here soon!

  2. You have that right, quite the surprise! What fun it will be for you to "do your thing" and have Richard fixin' it so you can go "Glamping."
    (whatever that means . . .) SMILE

  3. I look forward to seeing before and after pictures of your canned ham project! Have fun!