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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Lucky Am I?

I had what has  become a weekly morning coffee with a dear friend, Lynne.  Lynne has an iPad as do I.  Only issue is a few weeks ago she pretty much just played games on it and read books.  I volunteered to give her a few tutorials on it.  Wow, how her eyes have been opened.  She has her email set up, she's gotten some neat apps, she now keeps her calendar, makes lists and surfs the web.  She is oh so savvy!  We have really enjoyed our "coffee" mornings together.

Today while visiting, of course, our conversations go every which way.....we got onto silver.  She brought out a bag of silver ware she was going to give away!  Yikes!  It belonged to her first husband's grandmother!  I proclaimed, WHAT!  Fast forward..... look what came home to Mama!
I can't wait to polish it up and put it in some cute display containers.  I'll surely put it to good use and honor Grandma Gordon!

Thanks are a dear!

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  1. Hi Barb, That's what I call, Instant Karma! One good deed with immediate results. I'll be watching what you come up with since I have a box of my Mom's silver, and you have such great ideas. Love, Penny