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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, give me the news!

I received a call today from Doc Peters, a retired pathologist from Mercy Hospital, where we worked for many years. His news.....the dahlias are waking up for the season! It's time to order any tubers I may want.

He has over 2000 tubers. You should see his dahlia garden mid summer. It's fabulous.

So, I'll take about a dozen off his hands (of the 2000)  . He  says, Barb, I think you'd like Collector, and St. Charles, Hilltop or how about Western Spanish Dancer. I just call them the little white one with long fingers or the tall one that's red.   He understands my simple mind.

So, I will pick them up today and probably start them in the house this year as it's definitely early.

I'm so pleased he remembers me every year!  Thanks, Doc!~

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