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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday Night Happy Hour

It just kind of came together!  After a long week, I suggested to hubby that we just relax and have a happy hour in the driveway. 
So we rolled Lila Jane out into the driveway, setup a few things and primped her up a bit.
The lilacs just came out ..they are so fragrant.  I just happened to make a mini-glass totem and had to keep it for the picnic table.

I then tweeted from my iPad that Richie and I were having happy hour and attached a picture and next thing I knew......
We ordered a pizza and sat outside until near dark.  After these two left, it was getting a little cool.  Richie and I went inside Lila Jane and finished our cocktails by candle light.  Just sat and admired the interior of my little camper.  It felt so cozy and wonderful.

What a great evening it was!


  1. Such a happy time in "Glamville!"

  2. Looks good, Barboo! Nice job, Richie! Can't wait to see it this weekend!

  3. your scotty is sooo sweet. :o)

    thanks for asking about my awning. it was actually quite simple....

    * i chose a shower curtain i really liked.
    * i surrounded a length of welting in duct tape (didn't have the real rv welting on hand)
    * sewed the welting/tape edge to one end of the shower curtain
    * the opposite end of the shower curtain has holes, right? right. so that's where your awning poles go - one at each end of the shower curtain in the holes.

    it's just that simple. i also made one using a pottery barn curtain panel and all three sides of a ruffled bed skirt. it's darling. will be using that on an upcoming glamp getaway. :o) our new trailer is having a professional awning (complete with retro fringe) made by marti of marti's awnings. :o)

  4. How fun! I've been thinking that when I have all my little details worked out, I want to have a "camper warming" party!