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Friday, December 9, 2011

Most Pleasant Surprise

My brother Mike called this afternoon and asked us if we could meet him for dinner this evening. Catch is, he lives in Orlando, and he we are in Michigan. Come to find out, he was flying into Grand Rapids at 5:30 pm. He will be here just for the night and heading to see a fraternity brother tomorrow in Northern Ohio who is very ill.

Anyway, Mike wanted to see our Mother and give her a hug. She's been through a lot this past week. Richard, Mother and I drove to GR and picked up Mike at the airport and went to Longhorn Steakhouse for a nice dinner.
Our visit was short but oh so sweet! Great seeing you Mike. Thanks again for dinner!

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  1. Spontaneous is sometimes the "best time!".
    Great photo . . . Your mom looks so pretty!
    Mike, good to see you too!

  2. thanks for inviting me to the secret dinner!

  3. Dear Barb, That exactly what your Mom needs right now, TLC. How sweet of your brother to make a special trip to see Mom and to cheer a sick friend. Mom did a great job with her children, especially you dear friend! Love, Penny