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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ta-Dah.....It's Done....almost

Remember the post about the bricks we snatched from Richard's former shop?  See June 30 post but I will refresh a few pictures here.

Here is the brick walkway on the side of the deck
 Richie did a great corner here.

 Nice cut work, good fit and I love the colors of the bricks.  I really like the one brick that says "CHICAGO BRICK CO."

Now, all that is left is a few finishing touches on the bricks...fill in cracks with beach sand.  And then, I am going to plant some ajuga between the bricks and the deck to fill in next spring.  Also plant some hosta and myrtle along the outside edge.
We will move a few large planters along the angled corner also to jazz it up a bit.

Thanks Richie for doing such a great job!  You're my hero!