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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


ArtPrize never disappoints.  We arrived just before noon today (Maggie, my Mom, and I) and wandered to different venues until about 4:30pm.  Our feet were tired!  The day was perfect...not too cold, not hot, the rain held out...just plain pleasant.

It's so difficult to choose a favorite.  I did cast a vote for some.  There are 1567 artists all together so it's impossible to get around to see even half of the displays.  My theory is enjoy what you are able to see!

I have a few favorites to share with you just to give you an idea of the different mediums the artist utilize:
Metal Praying Mantis outdoors
Glitter Girl - a favorite - 50,000 crystals were used to create.

Maggie and Mom in front of map made of postage stamps

Another favorite entitled "Embrace"

Paper Mache Sweetwater Basket Lady

Artist used over 200 pens to create this piece

Thousands of mosiac tiles comprised this piece!  Awesome!
Richard and I will go again next week.  I believe Sunday they will announce the Top Ten Finalists.  Each year we go and visit each entry that makes the top ten and cast our vote.

How fortunate we are to have something this cool so close to us.  If you get a chance to go, Please do it!  You won't be sorry.


  1. Thanks Barb, That was so inspiring! I would love to be able to see this exhibit in person. I like the glitter girl...just love the sparkle!

  2. Great photos Barbie and commentary too. I can't wait for my "GO SEE"!
    There is such amazing creativity in this world. How wonderful your 90+ mom was able to join you and Maggie to visit Art Prize!

  3. Barb FYI thats no cricket, grasshopper. Praying mantis ,I believe. Philbert

  4. Yea. I can post comments here with the ipad. Philbert