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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Can we start thinking fall yet?

Yes we can because while I was in Hobby Lobby earlier this week, all their Christmas stuff is out. Made me sick actually!

Anyway, back to fall. Just saw these on Pinterest. How adorable are these?

Chenille Pumpkins. Love! Courtesy of
She bought them in Nashville...was hoping for a tutorial.

On my bike ride this evening, I did see a few leaves on the trees turning a little's a sign.


  1. Old Time Pottery was the same as Hobby Lobby two weeks ago. They were crammed with both Fall and Christmas. The good news was summer items were all on sale once you found them in the back of the store. Pinterest is so much fun ~ great inspiration for daydreaming. Happy Thursday.

  2. Oh my . . . another project in the works!