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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Weekend Passes By in a Flash

Here it is Sunday early evening....another weekend flys by. Kept busy all weekend. The rain finally passed Friday night. Saturday was our usual
Coffee at my Mom's. A bike ride in the afternoon.

Saturday night we attended a party which included all my husband's classmates. I was the youngest one there so I hung out at the bar. Nicki, the bartender, and I were best friends by the end of the night. She understood my need to hang with her.

Today, a family reunion on my husband's side. Lots of people. I made a large pan of baked ziti to leftovers.

Tonight I am going to create a bunting for the camper. It will be so darn cute.

Off early in the morning to catchup with a friend for coffee.

Have a good week my friends.

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  1. How times have changed. There was a time when bartenders were exclusively male. We have a beach bar at the end of the road. They have very good live music on Saturday nights and a jam session on Sunday afternoons. My secret for enjoying libations is sneaky. I order a gin and tonic and follow up with plain tonic and lime the rest of the outing. This system has worked for years keeping me from, um, what could be local gossip.

    Reunions are so fun. It’s wonderful to see favorite relatives and catch up for the year. Ours always have the most amazing food.

    I will wait for a bunting report. I’m not familiar with where or how it is used for Lila Jane. Have a grand week.