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Friday, August 17, 2012


I felt quite cosmopolitan today at lunch having ordered a split of Prosecco.

I must say it was most delightful. I needed it.

I met with three dear friends; one being Mari's whose Alzheimers has progressed profoundly. So very sad to see. Rather difficult to visit with her....we must learn to "be iin the moment" when with her.

So, back to Prosecco....I'm new to this one. Any suggestions on a good one to try!

Oh, be sure to hug the ones you love while they remember!


  1. Oh my, Barb. This one brought unexpected tears. Unsolicited hugs out to the universe. I know you had a lovely time with your friends. Wine-thirty here isn’t sophisticated ~ the only question is red or white. Happy weekend.

  2. Barb, We are all on borrowed time, and should cherish each and every moment. It is so sweet of you to include your friend, having experienced how uncomfortable people can be in the presence of someone with this horrible disease. You are a special friend! Love, Penny

  3. You are so fun . . . I am always surprised to see what cheers you up. Yesterday . . . Prosecco . . . Not me as you know . . . no bubbly, dry Pinot Grigio . . .

    Good thoughts Barbie . . . Keep hugging . . . Tender time yesterday, look forward to another "in the moment" soon!