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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wicker or Wire Basket?

Which one won?  Neither.

I went with a more cosmopolitan look.  My City slicker bike!
Nice sturdy black canvas basket.  It detaches and has a top closure in case of rain and for protection.  It's perfect.

Thanks for all your opinions.  It was tough decision. When I saw the black canvas, I knew it was the one.

She has 30 miles on her already!  I'm really enjoying the ride.


  1. Hi Barb, Wow, Love your bike and the cool basket. Is your town bike friendly? I would have to ride some very busy streets to get anywhere in my town. Missed too many of your posts, great news about your camper being featured, and loving that sweet JoJo. Those woodpeckers are unbelievable, one spring woke us every morning at dawn pecking on our fan cover on the roof! Theye sound like a little jackhammer!!! Glad to catch up! Love, Penny