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Monday, June 30, 2014


The restaurant has been opened for two years. Loved the charm inside. It was very empty on a Sunday afternoon. That was fine by us. We enjoyed conversation with one another.


We enjoyed Bloody Mary's for starters.

And then, out came our appetizers. We all ordered Arancini. It's a crispy rice ball with the center filled with meat and cheese. Served in an marinara sauce and fresh basil.

Our entree was beyond fabulous. Penne Gambretti...pasta with fresh tomato, wilted spinach, mushrooms and succulent shrimp in a white cream sauce.

We ordered their version of garlic bread. Thin bread with frsh garlic, olive oil, sea salt and pepper.

We were so full, absolutely no room for dessert. We'll have to forego the bloody mary's next time so there's room for tiramisu.

Sue and Lee

Proof that dinner was fabulous is evidenced by smiles!




  1. What a great place - love that you start with bloody marys :-)

  2. Richard and Bob too?
    Looks like a place for us to try!

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