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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting Ready!

This weekend is a big event for us....Leila Jane and me. We're off to the PJ Hoffmaster State Park, where they are hosting a Vintage Camper show. We're excited and a little nervous.

Leila has been cleaned and is shining. Making all the last minute preps and staging. I've got all the liinens,lace, silver, china, mason jar chandeliers, crystal, mini cupcakes all ready to go. I have to pick up some fresh garden isn't quite producing yet. Lots of puds...poppies and peonies. I so wanted the peonies to be popping.

I'll be sure to take pictures of the event.

Just wanted to share with you my latest find. Essie NailPolish. Color: Spin the Bottle. Nice natural looking color for summer. Looks really great on!

Have a delightful day, OK!



  1. Good luck - cant wait to see the photos and everything you have planned :-)

  2. Very pretty nails!
    Lila is dressed to the nines . . . have fun!

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