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Saturday, June 14, 2014


Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's in my world.

My dad with niece Jackie

Our Father, Bruno...head of our household. Family was so important to him. He insisted that we all get along and not fight among one another. He instilled that in all of us. We heeded his word.

And it carried on....

The next generation...all close...all great buds...cousins...all with good fathers too!

Dad with his sons-in-laws....who are awesome fathers to our kids. And another great father....

Michael....father to my kiddos....Leah and Jacob.


My brothers.....fathers....

Brother good to his, caring, reliable, loving!


And my brother Mike. A great dad to the boys and girls. Again, instilling the value he learned from our Dad. Keep family close.

And, it continues on with Dad's grandchildren.....another awesome Dad in the family....Joffrey carrying on the importance of a family bond...togetherness, love.

To all the Father's in my family...thank you for the love, support, guidance, patience, and importance you add to each of the kids lives and to mine!





  1. Tribute Father's Day post is wonderful Barbie . . .
    "Heeded the Word" for sure . . .

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