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Friday, June 10, 2011

Where Are You Joslyn?

We're patiently waiting!  I know Monday is your due date but doctor said you were ready two weeks ago!
You're  mama's waddlin' and Daddy can't wait to meet you.  Granny's have their bags packed ready to welcome you, too!  It's OK to meet the world now!  Promise!
Love your great Aunt Barb!


  1. Really cool post Barbie. Auntie is anxious TOO!

  2. This Grandma is about ready to burst with anxiety about this little munchkin!!!! Can't wait to hold her in my arms - and neither can her Aunt Jessie...

  3. Dear Barb, Seems we spend our lives waiting for children...from babies to toddlers, teens to adults, but so worth the wait! The pure joy a baby brings to a family is a blessing like no other. Patience, dear Auntie Barb, you will be rewarded beyond measure. Love, Penny