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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Busy Times

This time it was Leah's open house for graduation.  I helped Maggie prepare:  she ordered a lot of the food but we did a few things for added attractions:
Veggie cups!  The dip is in the bottom of the cup.  How cute/clever is that!  Thank you Pinterest!
Dipped a ton of strawberries.  They were a huge hit!
We didn't do this but cute cake with her picture on it!  Cake was delicious by the way. Marble with custard filling.
The graduate.....Leah Barbara Carlson, Class of 2011!

I love this picture....Leah with Grandma!
Cousins - Drew and Jessie...they are best buds~!
Well, Adam and Jess are best buds also!
Oh what the heck.....they all are!
It was a great time of celebration!  The proof is in the puddin"!

Mother and Lowana having a nip!  
Have a good week --Babs


  1. Great ideas, liked the veggie cups. It is refreshing to see the cousins enjoying one another! Great pic with Leah and granny Ruth!

  2. I agree, the veggie cups are cool. Looks like a great time for everyone, especially Leah! Maybe I need to give pinterest a try. I need some party tips. Love, Penny