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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wonderful Day

I started off this morning headed to an estate sale.  It was down at the beach.  Here is the view as I rounded the corner.  So calm this morning.

Here's the outside at the estate sale.

House was packed full of dishes, linens, vases, cups and saucers, victorian purses, lots of victorian things.
All girly, foo-foo stuff. My purchases:

Love's a pocket vase - for kitchen wall.

Brackets for Lila Jane

Another little tray - for Lila Jane

Another little wall thing for the camper

I'll probably go back on Saturday when everything is half-off.
I was waiting in line at the sale (#37) and up walked a gal I hadn't seen in years.  She lives in Houston and has a condo right around the corner from where the sale was being held.  We had the nicest visit.  Come to find out, she and her husband have a vintage camper also.  They are in the process of re-doing it.  She will be stopping over to check mine out before she heads back south next week.  What a small world.
On another note, the kitchen update is progressing.  Tomorrow the final install of the counters. (Two pieces had to be sent back - cut too small - like a fourth of an inch.  Here's a sneak peek.

After tomorrow, the only thing left to do is roman shades for windows.  I am going to make those but need to find fabric first.  So, I think I will share with you the re-do this weekend or first of next week.
Stopped by to visit my friend Dawn and I had to take a picture of this gorgeous flowering tree across the street from her condo.

 I planted the two large pots next to our garage today.  Here's a template of what I planted.

Greens, purples, silvers....should look pretty.
Maggie and Cooper walked over to say was 3:30 ish - Leah and Danny then walked over.
I suggested Happy Hour at Starbucks.  We all piled in the car - Jake came too - and off we went for a Frappacino - half off this week....can't beat it.  We sat outside and visited.  Great spear of the moment outing.

Have a good evening all!


  1. It does sound like a wonderful day! Love the wall pocket. I have a small collection of those.... Did you buy it or just photograph it? Looking forward to seeing the kitchen updates!

  2. Love your day, Barb ~ all of it. Your kitchen sure looks tidy for being under construction. How do you do that?

  3. So happy you take time to smell the roses, live your best life, live in the moment . . .
    This Was The Best!