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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kitchen Reveal

 As you may recall, a month ago I posted that we were going to upgrade our kitchen a bit.  Well, it finally is complete....almost.  The only thing lacking is window treatments.  I will be making roman shades for all the windows but am in search of the fabric.  I ordered a few sample....I may ask for your opinions.

We have been in our house for 13 years.  It was time for a little "upgrade" in the kitchen/dining room area.  Our house, when purchased, was a spec house thus, most of the trims and counters etc we builders grade.


Mustard yellow walls, formica on counter tops

New paint, new Quartz counter tops

Tile behind range

Tile removed, drywall, paint, new countertops

Dining Room;  Cluttered, mustard walls
Wider baseboards in dining room and kitchen, painted, very little furniture
Snack bar area had bad paneling - fake wood.
Panel insets, painted and new barstools

Really like the undermount sink and new faucet with soap dispenser!

New pendant light over sink
Sorry this is sideways.....found wall pockets to hang in kitchen
Basically, it was paint, new baseboards, new countertops (Cambria), and under snack bar improvement.
Oh, removal of the tile.

Last thing for now is window treatments. 

These will be faux roman shades for these windows and by the sink.

Any thoughts?

So there you have it!  I'm happy as it looks much richer and so much larger.

Enjoy this gorgeous day.


  1. Oh my, you are such a tease . . . I am NOT a patient woman . . .

  2. I saw it in person and it is beautiful. Amazing the difference.

    My favorites . . .
    Gold is gone . . . liked it before but changing the room color really enlarged the room . . .
    Painted panel inserts finished look, plus the color . . . huge, really huge improvement.
    Cambria is beautiful, rich, stunning . . .
    Undermount sink . . . big difference, brushed faucet . . . no more shine . . . love . . .
    Wide mop board . . . and reducing furniture in the dining area, very nice . . .
    The wall pockets . . . I want! Love the colors . . . look forward to seeing where they rest!

    Very, very nice Barbie . . . and you were the researcher, designer . . . Well done!

  3. Looks great! I really love the panelling on the penninsula, too! Great color. The Cambria is gorgeous. What a difference. I like the top fabric better because it gives you more colors to work with. Just my humble opinion.... Xoxo

  4. Oh Barb, your new kitchen is a dream come true. Elegant . . . feels larger . . . great color choices . . . totally worth the wait. I luv, luv, luv the changes. I’m so happy for you!! Weighing in on your fabric : I like the bottom one (JMHO).

  5. I love the changes. What a difference. I love the island the best and the color especially. I like fabric #1