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Friday, May 24, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Something new.  I am linking up with A Rural Journal for Nancy's Random 5 Friday.  Simply mentioning 5 random facts about me - that you may not know!

1.  My mother used to tie me into my crib.  When I was a toddler I used to climb out so she tied
     one arm and the opposite leg.  My oldest brother used to come in and tease me and try to
     coax me out by saying "come here Barbie..." when I tried to get out and simply fall and struggle..
     I would start crying and he would laugh hysterically.

2.  In my senior year of high school, I was voted the most mischievous.

 3.  I consider myself to basically be shy.

4.  I am a homebody.  Love being home.  Not a big traveler.

5.  I am pretty spoiled.  I hate to admit it but  my husband would do anything for me!


  1. Well being your good frind, I am surprised that I didn't know you were voted mischievous in high school. Also surprised that you think you are shy. I see you as secure and very happily married to your guy. I think buying Lila Jane pretty much made me feel he was over the moon for you. And tying you in the crib . . . NEVER would your mom do that to you . . . you must have dreamt that!

  2. We have alot in common Barb -- my mom didn't tie me to the crib (although I bet she wanted to) but I did have one of those baby - leashes for awhile. I consider myself pretty shy also, and it's something I've battled all my life to overcome. And I also love being at home -- with lots of critters to take care of, it's where you will usually find me.

    Thanks so much for sharing these facts about yourself with us this week. So much fun! xo

  3. The link parties are so much fun. Glad to see you getting out and about, Barb.

  4. I'm somewhat of a homebody, too. If I had a pool like that, I might never leave!