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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

In the Woods

My brother didn't believe me when I said we were camping. The fire pit didn't quite convince him. Here's proof.

Poison Ivy area right next door to us! YIKES!

We spent two nights and the trial run went well. We made a few notes..just a few tweaks to do and we are good. So peaceful out in nature. The beach was so pretty....water calm and really blue. No boats out yet.

Back home and I will say, our bed felt really good last night.


  1. You are too cool my friend! looks like a great time, and she sure looks pretty all decked out. Oh to hear the waves lapping at the shore. A little piece of paradise. Love, Penny

  2. Like they say, when the water isn't in front of you . . . Go find some! Happy times ahead Miss Barbie . . . Next time park far away from the Poison Ivy!

  3. The beach and the water sound lovely.

    Glad your trial went well.

    Enjoy next time.

    What is your weather like there?
    It is very cold and windy here
    so we are all still wearing cardis and sox!

    Happy weekend.