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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah

My niece, Sarah Belle, turned 21 last week.  She lives in Winter Park, FL.  She attends college and works two jobs down there.  She celebrated a lot last weekend.  As my brother told me, they had closing ceremonies last Sunday after three different celebrations, a nice dinner at Punula's on Park Avenue, Wally's for a family get together and a family dinner at home on Sunday.
She looks pretty good after all her celebrations, wouldn't you say!

Our Sarah is a delightful young woman.  Full of spunk to say the least!  She is witty and charming!  She has a tender heart and is very creative and ambitious.  Sarah has a great sense of style.  She loves the beach, the outdoors and is game for just about anything.  I love it when she is around....though busy with school and work when I'm in Florida I don't see her enough.

Happy Birthday dear Sarah!  I wish you all good things, be safe, and don't let those Chmura boys influence you too much!  I love you, sweetie!  See you soon.

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  1. Nice words/post Barbie . . . Sarah is beautiful . . . Happy Birthday to Sarah!