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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Camp Thimble

I'm excited. I signed up for an online Handstitching Class this summer. The class is nine weeks. Rachel is our instructor. She has a blog Stitched in Color.
We are given assignments every week, have instructional videos, and a live chat every other week. One week of assignments and the next week to do our homework.
So far, here is my progress.

This is a reversed applique tank top. We learned the running stitch here.

And, we are making a quilt. YIKES. Here is the beginning assignment. Reverse applique in the center with the blind stitch. Lots more to go. I will keep you appraised of my progress.
It's been fun so far!


  1. Sounds like a fun project and I like the pieces you are working on!

  2. beautiful work my friend. There is nothing as satisfying as hand work. These are challenging projects, but what a fun way to learn. love the needle book. love, penny