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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Quick Trip to the City

I took a quick trip to Chicago to visit the kiddos before Jackie goes back to work. Construction everywhere! But made the trip safe and sound!

Jackie and I went to an estate sale in Western Springs.

Great find for $3. The woman was a baker. She had lots of great stuff but pretty much resisted. We then headed to Westmont for lunch. Jackie took me to a favorite spot, The Standand Market. We sat outside and enjoyed a great salad and great conversation. Love that girl!

Later that evening we went to the playground. It was a gorgeous evening.


Next day, did some gardening and before I knew it had to hit the road to avoid rush hour.

Got lots of hugs and kisses in. Nice visit.



  1. Wonderful pictures Barbie . . . such beautiful, adorable little girls . . .

  2. Great post and a fun visit, Great-Aunt Barbie! We love you - the Bywater's xoxo

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