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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lilacs and Asparagus

Weird combination, I know.

We ventured down to the Farmers Market and hand selected eight pounds of fresh asparagus. My mission was to pickle the asparagus. Perfect for a garnish for Bloody Mary's. I found the perfect recipe online. Garlic, mustard seed, dill, red chili flakes,etc. TaDa.!!!! Nine jars of perfection!

Also, my sweet husband came home with an armful of lilacs for me. He's the best.

My house smells delightful TODAY! My senses were confused yesterday. Vinegar and lilacs!



  1. I love pickled asparagus and I would especially love it in a bloody Mary - yum!

  2. How lovely the lilacs look near your sofa/pillows!

  3. Is the sign new . . .Or did you make it?
    Thank you for the jar of spicy asparagus.

  4. I look forward to sharing a BM with you!
    (Darn thing locks up on some blogs, yours for one. )

  5. I laughed out loud when I read Lynne's comment. Sharing a BM means something completely different as we just had 4 girls in diapers here for Penny's birthday! You are the ambitious one. Love lilacs too. Have a beautiful white variety, smells like heaven! Take care. Love, Penny

  6. HA - right there with you, Penny! -Jackie xo

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