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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

He Plays A Harp

A friend of mine, Roberta King and her husband, Mike Miesch had a son named Noah. Noah was born with cerebral palsy. He lived to the age of seventeen and died from a complication of pneumonia. Noah just could no longer fight.

A year or so after his death, Roberta attended a seminar for her work in California. A woman she barely new struck up a conversation. Asking the standard questions, the woman asks "do you have children?" Roberta replies, "Yes, a son and daughter. ". How old? She replied my son is 17. Is he going to college after graduation? Roberta replies, " to the U of M" (That is where he always wanted to go). What will he study? Again, Roberta replies, "veterinary medicine or aerospace "' again things Noah dreamed of. Does he have outside interests? Roberta replies, "He plays a harp." Well, she thought he's in heaven now and that's what they play up there. This mild acquaintance had no idea Roberta had just lost her son and Roberta could not share, with a fleeting acquaintance,the rawness of emotion that was a part of her life now...her child had died.

This past Saturday, I attended a kick-off launch of her book. She had a book signing and reading at a local grief and healing center.


Roberta King

The book is so well written. It will make you cry (The first chapter details the gut wrenching story of the day Noah died and the process of signing the DO NOT RESUSITATE order). It continues with various life stories that will make you laugh, smile, and admire.

Roberta's story is admirable yet the love of a mother, father and son that shines through, warms your heart to no end. The cover art work was done by Mike, Noah's father.

It is a quick read as well as a must read. He Plays A Harp by Roberta F. King. Enjoy!




  1. One of the best posts you have ever done . . .
    Perfect, Tender, Loving . . .
    Thanks Barbie . . .

  2. Having a son with CP, you have touched my heart!