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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Overview

Whew!  It was a busy one and it flew by!  Friday morning I drove to Grand Rapids to my monthly Embroidery Class.  I am really enjoying this group.  It's my third time and I meet someone new every month.  The ladies are all varied and so much inspiration is gained.  I've been learning a lot.

Left class, made a quick stop by Penzey's to pick up some necessary spices for baking:  cardamon, almond extract and dutch processed cocoa.  Let the Christmas baking begin!

Then back home just in time for a funeral.  Lots of people, a fine tribute to a fine man and nice fellowship following and some good polish food.

Saturday started off sweet.  This young man came to my back gate....he needed a respite in a quiet environment.  Too many annoying puppies at his house. 
Today brought about some more Christmas decorating and a lovely walk in the woods.  It was close to 60 today so had to take advantage of it.
Love walking amongst the pines

Rest period after up a few steep hills

Peaceful woods

New fencing they just put up along the trail.
It was so nice outside, I finished up the outdoor pots.

Need one more glass candle jar for this.
I lined the fence in the backyard, along the path to my sisters, with little white lights.  Now all we need is snow to set the whole scene off.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Very nice Barbie . . . thoughts, woods and greens, Maggie and Simon too.

  2. Your pots and planter look great. I finished my outside this weekend too. I have a bit of a rest as the inside is on hold for a few weeks. Happy baking!!

  3. Aww....poor Simon! Love the outdoor decor. Been working on Xmas decor in our house, little by little every day. Did have to take a break from everything yesterday but thought you'd be happy to hear I've been putting in great effort to get up & with assistance, do at least a bit on a daily basis!