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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Greens and Friendship

Tuesday afternoon is our day!  Lynne and I!

Yesterday we got together at my house.  We decided to create some holiday arrangements.  We both gathered greens from our yards and used bits from here and there.

Lynne busy creating.


I had this low dark green pottery piece and viola.....wonderful.

Lynne's arrangement for her fireplace

Relaxation time.  A few cosmos and a nibbles!  Why not!
Up next Tuesday for us....cookies.  Lynne has a sugar cookie recipe.  We are both going to bake our cookies and spend the afternoon decorating.  We may need more than a cosmo for this one!


  1. You girls sure know how to have fun. Enjoy all the best of the holidays my friend. Someday maybe cookies at my house! Love, Penny

  2. Have fun you two! O love that you created such beauty without spending a penny.

  3. Sweet post my friend . . . I had a busy day today and when I got home I made three more arrangements. I could "putz" for hours!

    Thank you for the wonderful day together . . . the cosmo hit perfectly after the first swallow!