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Friday, December 14, 2012

Little of This and That

My attempt to upload a picture from last night didn't work.  I will try on my iPad though the pictures turn out fuzzy when I put them in blogger.
Last night, I worked with my sister-in-law to create 26 cute little hot chocolate jars with marshmellows and peppermints.  We topped them off with a spoon filled with chocolate and topped with sprinkles.  These are for her little darlings.....i.e. her kids at school.  She teaches fourth grade.  It was a fun project and they turned out cute.
I visited Lynne today.  Our little Tuesday get together had to be delayed as she was a little under the weather.  Had a little surgery this week but today I took a latte' to her and she was so much better.  I snapped some photos from around her house.  She is such a talented decorator.  Lovely touches.  I will try and upload those from my iPad as well.
For your viewing please today, I will leave you with these.  The lake was gorgeous today.  Just got back from a walk.  I bet it was easily 50 degrees.  It had the feel of spring out there and here it is December 13th.
Have a great weekend friends!


  1. This post of your world was most welcome today, Barb. I’m so glad I came in for a peek. Take care.

  2. Really great pictures Barbie . . . Love Cooper's jump!