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Thursday, December 27, 2012

All Too Much

I guess the holiday was too much for me. I'm down a bit.  Sinus infection, doctor visit, and plugged up ears.
Have to geared up for tomorrow though.  Another Christmas celebration with the  kids.  We have Denver, Orlando, Chicago, Kalamazoo and the locals here for the weekend!  We get to see our little JoJo too!

Time to kick it in gear and grocery shop and then start cooking for our extravaganza tomorrow night!


  1. Take it easy my friend...hope you feel better for all your visitors! Love, Penny

  2. Take good care, Barb. Maybe today is better spent being gentle with yourself and hitting it hard tomorrow morning. A simple buffet spent with loved ones is a feast.

  3. Jo Jo is already saying yippee! Be well my friend . . . take it easy, let everyone help you . . .