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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Feminine, Vintage, Soft, Pretty

This was fun.  Found a few new tumblr sites and selected a few photos and put together.

Just relaxing on this quiet evening.  Little rain mixed with giant snowflakes out there!  Snuggled in with my honey!

I encourage everyone to take the time this season
to slow down
Breathe, cherish your loved ones, and enjoy one another.
Share your joy, your love and peace.


  1. Love the photos . . . the soft colors are beautiful.
    Great message . . .

  2. Very very pretty photos and collage.

  3. peace...lovely images you chose.

  4. Cute Barboo! Love the vintage as you know! Would love to have you stop by and see our white Christmas tree and other decor I've come up with for our colorful and cheery season!