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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Park, Part II

Following the Farmers Market and lunch at 310, we walked down to Lake Osceola for the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour.  The scenic tour covers 12 miles, two different lakes and lasts one hour.  The tour is full of history and interesting facts regarding the multimillion dollar homes that line the lakes, how the Easteners settled there for the winter and the early lumber days.At one time, it was said there were more millionaires per capita in Winter Park than any other place in the US.

Winter Park is home of the prestigious private Rollins College.  The enrollment is 1800 students.  The cost $40,000.00/year.

We motored through two lush canals with sweeping cypress trees, bamboo, spanish moss and lush vegetation.

Look at the trees growing in the water!
If you look at the trees real close, those black spots are all birds.  There were hundreds of them in the trees.
This is a favorite spot for weddings!

It was a relaxing, fun and an interesting boat tour.  Perfect day on the lake, warm breezes, lots of sun!
And.....a trip to Winter Park is not complete without stopping at the French Bakery!
A Strawberry and a blueberry custard tart and an apple strudel.

What a great day!  Thanks Marlene!  You're the perfect tour guide.  Oh, one more highlight, we took a side trip while in Winter Park to say hello to Marlene's girls Stacie and Sarah!  Love those two girls!


  1. Great "winding down" trip. Gorgeous homes and views!

  2. Hi Barb, Love the spanish moss, it looks so romantic. Tell the truth, are you tempted by life down there? Don't forget about us northerners! Love, Penny