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Friday, February 24, 2012

Back in Business

Yay!!!! The good news is I am back on line.  The bad news....I hate Frontier, my carrier.  They have horrible customer service plus get this.  The service guy said it was my modem, I had an older model.  They don't support any modems except their own now..  Thus, I got a new modem and a $7 rental fee per month.  That stinks!  A rental fee!  That's $84 a year and multiply that for however long....five years maybe.  Unbelievable!  Time to shop!

We got a little blast of snow, just like everyone else in the Midwest.  It is pretty!  Just such a weird winter.  Hubby said there was about 6 inches out there~

So, what's up for your weekend?  We're heading to the KC's for a perch dinner tonight.  Sunday, I think I will put a pot of chili on the stove and make some cornbread.  Another little tunic top for the little peanut might be in order.  It was so fun.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Great photos Barbie and the spontaneous coffee and conversations . . .
    are simply wonderful . . .

  2. Glad that you are back up... We are hooked and they know it! Looks pretty by you, we got about 6 inches too! Have a great weekend my friend! Love, Penny

  3. Try Charter if it's in your area. I switched last month and it's way better than AT& T was. You can get a bundle price to but have to rent modem. Worth it for good service!

  4. Lovely snowy photos.

    Stay warm and safe!